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Teamwork earns Moeller an award

featured in the Herald-Citizen BY LAURA MILITANA HERALD-CITIZEN Staff Dedication to delivering a quality product is what has earned Moeller the title of MasterCraft’s 2015 Supplier of the Year. Just this past week, Moeller celebrated receiving the title, a first time for the company that celebrated 25 years last year. “Moeller is an example for other suppliers to look up to,” Jamey Ormond, quality manager with MasterCraft, said. “With the success Moeller has seen in the last few years, there are a lot of improvements, a lot of success stories and all that can motivate our other suppliers to go that same route.” Moeller’s rating with MasterCraft is in the high 90s. “MasterCraft is one of the largest accounts we have,” Moeller President Gary Eich said. “We have a long history with them. And we both began a journey to improve quality in 2011. Now, it is paying off.” Moeller is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for MasterCraft, supplying fuel tanks, water tanks, ballast tanks and seating parts for MasterCraft products. “Every month, we have a supplier score card that looks at product quality, delivery, performance and cost control,” Ormond said. “Moeller gets a copy of their score and we look at other suppliers to compare.” There are 2,000 suppliers overall, with 20-25 top tier suppliers. “We’ve seen a number of improvements in those areas,” Ormond said. This award would not be possible without the dedication of the team, Eich said. “It reflects hard work and dedication, commitment and support of one another,” he said in a reception to recognize the honor. “We’re very fortunate to have each member as part of the Moeller team. It would not be possible without you.” Ormond agreed. “We’re excited to have you as a partner,” he said. “Our success is due to your efforts. Your efforts have made a difference. We’re always looking for continuing improvement and look forward to continue to grow and improve our partnership.” The key, Eich said, is employee involvement in product development. “They know the product inside and out,” he said. “Both Moeller and MasterCraft have done well on all levels. It’s a three-way win.”

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 Certification Means Reliable, Predictable Manufacturing As a worldwide leader in rotationally-molded fuel and water systems, Moeller is proud to announce its recent ISO 9001:2008 re-certification. The re-certification process consisted of a comprehensive two-day audit to make sure that Moeller processes continue to conform to the ISO model of quality management. The ISO 9001:2008 standard is a quality management system which helps ensure that customers get consistent products and services of superior quality. There are no grades of competence within ISO 9001:2008; either a company is certified or it’s not. In a service-oriented business like ours, the certification sends an important message to our customers and end users: that Moeller Products are safe, reliable, and of good quality.


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